Your PAST Called, HANG UP!

What I’m about to share with you today is a very powerful and sneaky block most entrepreneurs have; a block that is damaging our progress and will keep us away from what we want most, freedom!

I work with individuals that, like me, are driven and ambitious.  Yet, as driven as we are, we also tend to hold ourselves back by not saying exactly what we want to say so as to keep the peace, not ruffle any feathers or not stand out too much.

What I mean by this is that all too often we tweak our messages, posts, what we say and how we say it to not upset certain people in our lives and keep them happy.

Why is it important that we notice this behavior and STOP trying to please everyone?

Because doing this means you are not really letting go of the fear of what others think of you. By staying plugged into the reality where you have to be, act and say things a certain way  to be liked, you’re sabotaging your success and blocking your freedom of expression.

My dear friends, it is time to break up with old tribes that are holding you and your business back! I say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Here’s a very real and raw video on Periscope that sparked a LOT of interest and inspired  this post. In here I also talk about how to ‘break up with the tribes.’

Listen to it here (and catch me singing Shakira 🙂 )

Want to identify who these people or tribe are in your life that are making you self-censor or water down your message?  Ask yourself: Who would be most critical, most shocked or upset if you suddenly started sharing things that felt true to you but maybe others don’t agree with?  Who are they?

Who comes to mind as someone that would doubt you, laugh or not support you in your endeavors?

Those individuals or that tribe are the ones you must do a releasing or forgiveness ritual on so you can more easily move on to the next level of freedom.

When I did this letting go and releasing ritual in my life a  year ago I literally went from just scraping by to having my first 10K month.

Trust me, The faster you start putting yourself out there (uncensored); especially in social media, the faster you will start magnetizing your ideal clients!

Let’s not be afraid to express our core truths and share them unapologetically. That’s the first step to actually achieving what we want most, FREEDOM.

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