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So, by now you know that making your dreams come true and becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than capital and tactics. There’s been a couple of times when I have been in desperate need of a breakthrough, for things to shift fast or I would need to choose a different path.  Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to turn my business around fast on those occasions when I needed it most, but it took personal and inner work to make shift happen.

Here is a list of tried and true tips, some very practical and some more woo woo. Try them, either alone or combined, and you will notice a significant change in the level of positive synchronicities that will come your way. In essence, I use the tips I have listed here as my go-to steps to get the Universe on my side.
I am also including two transformational audios and a PDF of this list (which you can download here) so you can print and use as reference anytime you need to.
Enjoy, put it to use, let me know how this works for you!

12 Practical and Woo Woo Tips to Turn Your Biz Around Fast!

Learning to bounce back and be resourceful as an entrepreneur is an essential skill if you want to succeed and remain an entrepreneur.

Let’s face it though, being completely independent and self-reliant for income and business is NOT easy.

My own first year and a half of entrepreneurship was a rollercoaster and I spent many hours wondering if I was cut out to be an entrepreneur. Fast forward two and a half years and life and business are still a roller coaster, but of a much different kind. That first year and a half was filled with a lot of concerned and worried uncertainty. I can now say that I now experience more  excited uncertainty over what I will create next..

I’m not going to lie, it’s taken me a while to get to where I feel like I’m thriving instead of surviving, but there are many things I recommend to make this shift.

When you are feeling down about your business, sinking into fear and worry, or simply need a little boost in order to make a quick comeback, I encourage you to read, meditate on, and put into practice these 12 tools — some are practical; others are a bit woo-woo; all are essential and will help you get aligned with what you desire and summon to you what you need in order to get over the fear and worry and turn your business around.

Grab a journal, some luscious paper and choose the ones that resonate with you most. You may use one of these or three at the same time? I recommend you combine as many of these as you can because they simply work. Tried and true, tested. I’ve used them twice to go from struggling to thriving in just a few short days and sometimes weeks.

1.    Forgiveness Ritual for Money Mistakes

Write down as many memories or money mistakes, any investments you’ve made that didn’t work out, any guilty purchases, events, conferences, coaches, things you’ve invested on in your business , anything you got in debt for that could possibly be stuck in your memory as a guilty memory. When you are done writing, practice forgiving yourself by saying this Oponopono prayer out loud for each line:

I am sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you

2.    Bold Actions for 30 Days

Start a 30-day Don’t Break the Chain of Action challenge. Every day for 30 days, set an intention focused on an action that you can take that day to help your business grow. Make sure the action is something that stretches beyond your usual comfort zone. Here’s a link to get a copy of an action tracker http://bit.ly/30dayactiontracker

3.    1000 Gratitudes

This is going to sound huge, but I want you to write 100 gratitudes daily for a minimum of 10 days for #1000ThankYous. You can say them out loud if you’d prefer, or however you please but definitely, make sure you do this exercise. It works MAGIC! Show appreciation for anything that moves you, big or small. If you are struggling to come up with 100 things to be grateful for or appreciative of, start your list in the morning and add to it continuously throughout the day.

4.    Visualizing Made Fun with Dream Jars

Grab a clear glass jar, cut out one or two pictures that represent your dream and tape the pictures to one side of the jar, and on the other side write WE MADE IT!  Decide to put a coin in it everyday and do it with the intention that everyday you’re adding value and watering your dream.

5.    Write Your Goals Twice Daily

Challenge yourself to write out your goals not once per day, but twice. Doing so will keep them at the forefront of your mind and you will be more likely to take actions towards achieving them.

Write out your goals as specifically as possible and keep the list in front of you throughout the day, every day. Keeping them visible will help to keep them real and anchor them in your mind.

6.    Give Money a Home

Get really clear as to what you would do if you did have your dream budget on hand. Call it creating a business wish list. Specifically, use your journal to write out a list of upgrades, investments, and other ideals you would like for your business that you haven’t been able to due to lack of money.

Take proactive steps, even if you don’t have the money in hand to tackle your wish list. Contact the people you want to hire and start talking to them about their services. Build the relationship now, even if you aren’t in a position yet to hire them. After all, relationships are the heart of any business.

As you go along, you’ll see how quickly you’ll start checking things off of your list one-by-one. This will keep building the momentum you need to keep your business growing and to keep your energy and enthusiasm up.

7.    Match Your Passwords with Your Intentions

You know your passwords should be unique, right? Well, what could be more unique that using motivational phrases as your passwords and changing them every month to reflect your business and the direction you want to grow in? Choose passwords that reflect your goals and direction — try something like “BestMonthYet!” or “Booked&Happy” or “KeepOnGrowing!” I don’t recommend using an income goal as your password because it’s too limiting. Keep it open to receive abundance.

8.    Figure Out Your Baseline

How much income do you need? How much income do you WANT? In order to achieve your income goals, you need to figure out exactly how much you need first. This is so important — you NEED to determine your business’s financial baseline, the bare minimum you need coming in to be able to pay your bills and put food on the table. Typically, determining this number will give you the clarity you need to set a clear target income and once you’ve done that, fear usually begins to fall away and the universe reaches out and begins to help you achieve your goals.

9.    Declare Income Targets

In tip number 8, you figured out your business income baseline. That step is about breaking the fear of facing your finances. Now it’s time to figure your income goal(s). Too many new entrepreneurs get caught up in a single dollar amount that they must hit in order to feel successful, but the truth is, success isn’t about just one number. Instead of setting up an exact, hardcore number as your goal, create a Good, Great, and Best values for that goal. Above your baseline, what would be a Good, Great and Best income target? Now you don’t have a specific number to hit, but rather a range.

10. The More You Give, The More You Receive

I can’t say it enough. Give! Give! Give! Find ways to give back to those you love, to your community, and your clients on a regular basis. If you have the ability to give money or time, fantastic! If you can only give on a small scale, terrific. Start with one act of generosity and build from there. Give in and of your business and in and of your personal life. You and those around you will be better off as a result. And, as mentioned earlier, giving attracts abundance to both you and those on the receiving end of your generosity.

11. Raise Your Vibe with Joy, Daily

If you’re not in joy or in a good feeling vibration you may NOT be open to receive. I know this may sound too woo-woo for some but the truth is, this journey of success and happiness is more of a feelings journey than it is a doing journey. So, if at any point concern, fear and worry have overtaken you decide to get in JOY immediately.

How you feel directly impacts what you attract into your life and food and fitness are keys to raising your vibration and energy levels. Energetic elements are those that directly go into our bodies and they directly and constantly affect the way we feel and our ability to keep moving forward.

12. Build Freedom

It is easy to get bogged down in the details of business and the nitty-gritty of building your empire and suddenly find yourself feeling like you have no free time, no free energy, and minimal enjoyment in life and business. In your journal, make a list of all the ways you can add pockets of freedom in your life. It could be a little extra time in the morning to read a magazine or savor your coffee rather than racing through the morning routine. Perhaps you can hire a babysitter to take an evening or morning for yourself.

How would it feel to have those moments of freedom RIGHT NOW? What if you had the ability to leave work this very minute to get a coffee or have a mani-pedi? Even if you can only carve out five minutes here and there for self-care and freedom building, do it! As your business flourishes, so will your ability to create more and more of these moments and to make them longer and longer. Freedom building is joy and success building.

In the words of Danielle LaPorte, “The journey has to feel how you want the destination to be.”

I started using these 12 tools, combined almost all of them since June and it set me up to have the best business month ever in July! It also set me up to achieve amazing personal milestones and to push me forward to greater and even more exciting things to come. I’ve not only doubled my previous highest month of income, but I’ve also had the opportunity to meet and learn from amazing influencers (among them Arianna Huffington, Dr. Mancini, and even the Dalai Lama!). I have personally done all of the work I’ve laid out in these exercises and I can tell you that they WORK.

Throw yourself into these exercises and you will begin to see positive shifts in your business and your life. When you begin to feel resistance in these practices, don’t give up! Resistance is the universe’s way of testing you to see if you are really ready to do the work to reap the rewards.

For an extra boost and jump start to your abundance journey, I also encourage you to listen to these powerful clips on mindset, scarcity, and living the life you deserve:

Tony Robbins on Scarcity

My favorite book on managing our energies to create abundance and opportunities!

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

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