Money is not the hook

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Three years ago this week I experienced a major financial crisis that nearly made me quit my business altogether.  Not because I wasn’t an awesome coach and speaker, but because I over-invested in programs, and coaches and I wasn’t making nearly enough to keep up with what I had spent!

I nearly quit to find a job and looked into bankruptcy options.

I made a deal with God (not joking about this!) … I asked God to please let me continue and if I did I would help women not fall in the trap and debt I got myself in chasing hard after my dreams of having a successful business!

I knew there was a different way and I found it! I’m so grateful this is ALL I’ve done full time since 2013! Yaaaaay me 🙂

When I see people these days primarily marketing on the internet based on income goals I can’t help but experience a bit of PTSD (post trauma) from the pain and struggle I experienced back then from this type of income-based promotions made me invest as much as $50k and left me at rock bottom.  I’m not hating on people that do at all, on the contrary, do what you LOVE… there’s infinite abundance in the Universe and plenty of followers for everyone.  

It’s just not what does it for me anymore, and not aligned with the Infinite Receiving philosophy of Infinite Possibilities, not number limit possibilities.   

Over the past couple of days, I set a boundary that these types of posts wouldn’t be allowed inside my Infinite Receiving Facebook group anymore and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  

I tried to figure out if these posts triggered or bothered me because I was jealous or because they felt fake to me.  What I realized was, if something is bothering you in your “home” (and the Infinite Receivers Club is definitely my online home), why not change it? 

What triggered me wasn’t the perfect lifestyle or money they were making, it was that the posts didn’t feel authentic to me at all, it’s like they were copy paste into multiple FB groups and the owners of the posts were not interacting with others which was a guideline in the group….  most importantly though, this is not what Infinite Receiving or I am really about.

Like I mentioned above, this type of promotions and posts would send me down a path of second guessing myself and wanting to be more focused on the money goal instead of the service.  

With Infinite Receiving, I help people live their best life and open up to receiving, that is money, experiences, love, all kinds of riches but most certainly not just an income goal.\

Money alone is not the hook… at least not for me anyway!

For the last two years I’ve been doing things my way and trusting my intuition, and it’s worked so much better than anything I did before.

I’m not against sharing your success, living a seven-figure lifestyle or having a business that makes millions, on the contrary! I celebrate you, be authentic with it, use it for the highest and greatest good.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit uncomfortable at first because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m shutting down people’s ambitions for riches at all.  It’s just that their selling proposition and angle of income, numbers, money,  is not the direction my group is going, and it’s not my angle for accumulating riches and wealth.  

With Infinite Receiving, you can absolutely open yourself up to receiving ANYTHING you dream of being, doing and having. But receiving is about so much more than just focusing on increasing your monthly income.  

Money is the byproduct of creativing + courage + action.

The more you have of each of those 3, the more money you’ll have! Remember that.

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