All or Nothing Sucks…Don’t

“It matters that you do something even if it’s not everything!” ~Maru A huge and super common block to receiving is the all or nothing, black or white mentality.  This is when you don’t value progress, don’t give yourself enough credit for the steps you’re taking because they don’t feel enough!  Maybe you don’t see huge results yet? That’s totally … Read More

Sudden Low Energy? Do These 5 Things

You know those days when you just want to stay in bed or take naps under the desk? You wonder where your battery went because you feel suddenly tired? I do and I’ve got a few tips for you in case you felt or feel like that today. Because I do believe it’s possible to thrive even if you’re suddenly … Read More

Money is not the hook

Watch the Video First Three years ago this week I experienced a major financial crisis that nearly made me quit my business altogether.  Not because I wasn’t an awesome coach and speaker, but because I over-invested in programs, and coaches and I wasn’t making nearly enough to keep up with what I had spent! I nearly quit to find a … Read More

5 years of excuses ended

I’ve been putting off committing to my body and start a healthier regimen and routines for about 5 years.  Pretty much since I got pregnant, not going to lie. Well, after the hectic year I had in 2017 and gaining an additional 15-20lbs in one year, I decided that enough was enough.  I asked for the help that I needed … Read More