12 Ways to Repel Money & Clients

Let’s get real for a second—who’s perfect here? Certainly not me! I’ve had to call my business besties to the rescue a couple of times to help me remain at my best and my highest! That’s the dance of life and business, right? It’s not a straight line. Sometimes it’s a crazy zigzag and twisting road, but if we know that and navigate accordingly then it’s so much easier to tackle challenges with a lot less resistance!
As I’ve been healing my ever evolving relationship with money in this entrepreneurial journey, I am so clear now on the patterns that have gotten me into tremendous trouble in the past, and today I wanted to write you an honest piece about NOT attracting money and clients.
It’s a little backwards, so hang with me.
12 Ways to Repel Money & Clients
  1. Avoid your money—realize that avoiding money from the past is also avoiding money in the present and future
  2. Let yourself get into overwhelm—you know very well that before we hit overwhelm a series of accumulations have to happen. Instead of getting there, recognize the patterns and do this to interrupt them: STOP everything and set a timer for 15 minutes and do a brain dump.
  3. Let yourself stay in overwhelm—sort through it. Call a friend or someone for accountability to help you dig your way out from under the pile of overwhelm
  4. Not follow up with potential clients—build relationships. Potential clients only become actual clients if you build and maintain a relationship with them.
  5. Fall into sabotage patterns and don’t do anything to break the cycle—if you always do XYZ, STOP! Instead, try the opposite or something completely new and unrelated.
  6. Guess at what you are supposed to be working—guessing gets you nowhere. Instead, keep on top of a to-do list and keep your priorities in front of you.
  7. Have a great idea but don’t ACT on it because you’re not ready—there is no such thing as the perfect time. Instead of waiting to be ready, jump in NOW.
  8. Sitting in indecision and not taking action—just do it! Stop spending so much time worrying or second guessing yourself. Instead, just ACT already!
  9. Create a bunch of great content and don’t tell anyone about it—stop keeping secrets. If you aren’t telling anyone about what you are creating, what other secrets are you hiding? Being authentic means sharing what you are doing.
  10. Not offer your services daily or weekly because of fear of bothering people—separate your responsibilities from the responsibilities of others. Let them take responsibility for their inbox or social media streams. Get your message out there and don’t worry if it’s too much. You’ll figure out the balance over time.
  11. Launch products and courses just for the money even if they don’t feel aligned—this isn’t authentic and can’t feel good. When you put out offerings that don’t feel aligned, they won’t have the intended effects. Put out what’s aligned with your purpose and you’ll have a much more powerful message.
  12. Kill your relatability and like factor by posting only stock or perfectly polished photos—let your tribe see the real, raw, authentic you. Your magnetic personality will shine through!
There you have it!Print this list and circle the repellants that you are guilty of. And if you want a place to get real and raw about all of this, hop on over to The Happy Entrepreneur, the hub for Authentic Entrepreneurs making waves in the world by being truly fully, 100% themselves.

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